What looks like an abstract painting at first sight is actually a vibrant urban city scene. An everyday scene where we walk on the streets and the other pedestrians are just anonymous people. But if we rest for a moment and take the time to actually observe our surrounding environment we can recognise what these people are actually doing: walking, sitting, talking etc. The viewer can experience the same phenomenon when looking at the paintings of the #PEOPLE series by David Friedemann, which triggers our fantasy so that each and everyday we can discover new people and new social constellations in his city scenes. It is like in the real world; a constant coming and going of people.

David Friedemann (b. 1984 in Rochlitz near Leipzig, Germany) was introduced to art from an early age on by his uncle, the artist Günther Böttger whose studio Friedemann visited regularly. His uncle became his teacher and from him Friedemann learned to paint in different media and techniques. Together they frequently visited exhibitions and already at the age of 19 Friedemann had his first own exhibition at the district court of his hometown.
He moved to Hamburg to purse a study of communications design and today is successfully running his own advertising agency. While his job is already giving him a lot of creative freedom, he continues to paint parallel to his job for his own pleasure and over the years has produced a broad collection of vibrant large-scale acryl on canvas paintings.

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Solo exhibitions

2003 Amtsgericht, Hainichen, Germany
2004 Kunst in der Scheune, Königshain, Germany
2005 Oberlandesgericht, Dresden, Germany
2006 PG Große Bleichen, Hamburg, Germany
2013 Testroom Brahmskontor, Hamburg, Germany
2015 KUNSTVOLL GALLERY – Fette Höfe, Hamburg, Germany



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